The Inner self defines or describes about us to the outer world, “What we are & How we are” i.e.; the Personality of an Individual. We are living not alone. We lead our lives along with other people in the systems like family & societies etc. We regularly interact with those people around us daily for various needs. Our Conduct, Attitude and Behavior must be acceptable to other fellow human beings for our personal progress or development in any work place or profession or business.

Broadly it is the common phenomenon on everybody’s observation that we expect the people around us to do things and to behave as we desire. If they are not up to the expectations we feel disturbed. We do not understand the truth that the same phenomenon applies to us also. It is “we” ought to act according to the human principles. The other people also have same wishes and expectations on us. So it is again “we” have to change our ‘words, deeds and attitude’ to become acceptable to most of the people with we interact and live along with them, let it be family members or colleagues at work place or customers at business areas.

Therefore, changing ourselves (Inner self) we can bring change in our routine lives also. We can achieve success in all aspects. When we change our Inner self for the words we speak, for the deeds we do, for the attitude we show and for the behavior we exhibit certainly there will be change that can be seen in the people and environment around us.