Usually we are very much interested to know the life styles of other people. We measure their behavior; we find faults in their thoughts and actions. We criticize their Habits & character and we search for mistakes in their words & uttering.

Very rarely we look in to our Inner self who is composed of our Attitude, Behavior, Thoughts, Actions and Character. Even we hate people who truly find faults in us & advice corrections. We would not welcome any criticism against our Thoughts & Actions. We are very reluctant to hear our short falls in our daily activities. We totally forget the Truth that when we point one finger towards others for their setbacks or faults, the other four fingers are pointed towards us. So when we try to find faults with others at one time, the more four times we are targeted for our mistakes or faults. We have to be very careful while pointing others for their faults and we must look deeper inside of our thoughts, behavior & actions.

Even we behave very hypocritically when any desired action is not completed or when we don’t get success for any half heartedly made efforts or incomplete preparations and we blame others & take excuses for our failures. The failures must be accepted as they happen just because of short comings in our Endeavour or we have to recognize our errors in our planning & execution. We have to introspect our thoughts & actions before making any attempt. The right planning, commitment in thoughts, precision in action and timely execution would yield desired results.

Therefore it is very essential to observe our thoughts, actions and looking deep into our Inner self where the cause of thinking & action arise . Then we can able to become more acceptable and congenial to every individual or object which come in our way towards achieving success or work fulfillment.