Inner self consists of Cause & Effect factors. So Emotional life is the part of Inner self. Manifestation of our Emotions mainly linked to perception of outer world through sensory organs as well as out comings of our thoughts and actions originated from our Inner self.

Emotions always play in Dual system. Human beings never continues to be in one state of single emotion only. Always the emotions are Inter changeable.

  • Distress – Happiness
  • Anger – Compassion
  • Disgust – Delighted
  • Fear – Courage
  • Humiliation – Appreciation
  • Hatred – Love

Like this each Emotion has bipolar phenomenon. They are like two sides of the same coin. It is the Mind that makes this contrast. The interchange of the two sides of the emotion depends on the responsiveness of Inner self to the Events happened and Experiences felt by us in the outer world.

Emotions are the end ‘results’ as well as ‘causes’ for any Human thoughts & actions. Take for example the student writes an Exam, if the case he fails in the exam he feel depressed and sad. To overcome that emotion again he strives hard in his preparation and attempts the exam second time & can get passed. So here Emotion has become both ‘End result’ as well as ‘Initiative cause’ for the human action.

Therefore all human emotions have origin in the form of ‘Cause and Effect’ from the Inner self of all individuals.