Attaining Inner Peace & Success:

“The inner world always reflects in the outer world.” It is the inner beauty that can find outer world’s beauty. Every individual Human life journey is the sum of 4 “E”s, Events, Efforts, Experiences and Emotions. The ultimate purpose of life is to live our Real Dream and to walk on our path of Destiny. Many people deviate from these natural principles. The emotions are ultimate human traits that influence the individual personal progress and down fall in a large way.

Therefore when we know the truth that all the emotions both positive & negative are “transitory” in nature, they appear and disappear based on time and circumstances in which we are placed, and then we would become aloof of the impact of those emotions in our daily life. Thus it creates some sort of steady state mind which in turn keeps us in an everlasting peace.

The human instincts usually provoke us to respond to all kinds incidents & material objects. But the degree of intensity through which our response is shown decides the impact of emotions on mind. The various negative emotions specifically the Desire & Anger has major role to place us in Distress, Despair and an absolute Sorrow. Here Desire means not the common physical desires; it is the ‘Greed’ that ruins our life if it is not satiated to the expected levels.

The only way to lead peaceful life is to do all activities without expecting results. The attachments to the material result oriented actions in our life place us in the state of Agony & Despair. Every Human on this earth has a reason for living. That reason consistently guides us to travel a path towards our real destiny. Tragedies do happen; Hardships always come across our way. When they appear we suffer and we lament over them. We search the reasons for our difficulties & though we know the facts we blame others in home and outside hypocritically. We imagine how different our lives would be, if they did not happen. At this crucial moment we have to set aside the short comings of our personality like indecisions, hesitations, fears and suspicions. We must rebuild our personality, progressing onwards and walking with a focus towards our destiny to attain the personal success.

Thus when we know the science of Emotional management with the help of Intelligence, then we can make ourselves resistant to the onslaught of negative emotions on our mind. The individual who never rejoice on achieving something and never laments over for not obtaining the desired results will be in a constant state of ‘Inner Peace’.