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The Inner self relates to the inner activities of Human individual self. It has two components:

1] Soul
2] Mind

1] Soul is the ‘entity’ which embodies all Humans on the earth. It is Invisible, Indestructible, Immutable, Inconceivable and Unborn, Eternal. It is devoid of all Sensory perceptions and Duality of thoughts & emotions which the normal mind engages them always in. It is also detached from usual Conscious and Sub conscious minds.

2] Mind is the most essential component of Inner self. Here we refer Inner self majorly with Mind.

“Inners self” is the Mind activity of an Individual. It is the complete Inner world of all Humans which is invisible quite contrary to the visible Physical body.

It consists of our Thinking patterns, thoughts, dreams, desires, emotions and responses & reactions to the outer world which are both negative & positive.

Inner self define our Personality (not physical). It is the cause of personal progress, survival and motivates towards our destiny.

Though Inner self is invisible to outer world, it manifests in the form of our words, behavior, gestures and physical activities which are explicit to outer world.

Inner self perceive the material objects and information through sensory organs i.e.; sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Sensory perception is the main door for Inner self.

Inner self as we see in the above lines, it is the Mind and its work. When any individual tries to know deep inner conscious, sub conscious states of mind and through constant practice of self-realization, he or she can get the complete knowledge of transcendental nature of Soul.